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Recently My Memories Software have offered me an opportunity to host a competition for all my followers. My Memories is a digital Scrapbooking software but also a great opportunity for you all to be able to make blog headers, blinkies and things like that to be able to personalise your blog. 

The winner of the competition will win My Memories Suite Version 4! You will also win a blogger header done by me using My Memories Suite from and pictures or phrases that you would like. If you look HERE you will find more information about MyMemories Suite and the things that you can do with it. Now here's the best part all you need to do is comment with the most unusual horse care tip/advice or thing you do with your horse. To be entered twice for the competition all you need to do is share it with your readers and then comment here saying that you have done it. Please put your name and E-mail address in the comment so that I can contact you. 

Competition closes on the 15th August UK Time.

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  1. Did everybody know an unusual fact? It might be an old wives tale but it seems to have grounds for believing in it. A horse that eats naturally grown watercress is less likely to suffer from laminitis and in some cases appears to stop horses susceptible to getting laminitis from actually contracting it.

    Come on all you other followers have a dabble what interesting facts do you have to share about horses be they fact or old wives tales. I would love to read more for one.


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