Horse time = The best Time

Sorry for not posting the past few days there's just not been a lot going on until today. This afternoon I went up at 1pm to my stables to see how the back person works with horses it fascinates me and I loved being able to watch it. Seeing how different things all move together, not the best description but I can't think of the right words! The original plan was that I would go home at 3, but instead I got more horse time! Fiona and Elaine said that I could go with them to look at a horse, so that was really fun because it's not something that I've ever really done before. It was an interesting experience, and Clyde was a sweet horse but wasn't the right horse for Elaine. But I really enjoyed the experience it helped me with kind of knowing where I need to go in the future. 

When we got back to the yard, the bedding had been delivered so I helped Elaine to move some of the bags of bedding. Then Fiona said that while she was riding Vettie that I could ride Gatsby so that was really interesting. It was fun to watch Fiona ride while I was riding, and I definitely came to the conclusion that going backward is the way forward. It was a good ride and a good evening. Tomorrow I've got a lesson to my self so that should be interesting  I think we are going to be doing some jumping work but I'm not 100% sure! 

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