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Today has been a good day, I got up fairly late and got to help my mum out while at the same time doing some driving practice. Which was fun and also really useful. As it's monday this evening was pony club, originally I thought that it was going to be quite quiet but I was wrong. There was three new girls there that seemed really nice and of varied ages. We spent a good hour looking at feeding rules and things to do with feeding, e.g. different types of feed, why some horses eat hay and others haylage, I did find it really interesting though at some points it also got really confusing. When it got to the end we all picked horses that we could put to bed, I was asked if I'd mind helping Grace as she had got one of the little boys and said no that I didn't mind, then Ellie also came down (one of the new girls) to help us. I found this fun to do but also really useful because it made me think more about the things that we do on a daily basis, I liked that they asked questions and the majority of questions I was able to answer, it was fun and a good time was had by everyone. 

Tomorrow I am off to the Bakewell show Equestrian Day, normally Bakewell show is only two days and similar to the county show where everything is going on over those two days, however this year for the first time they have decided that they are going to do an equestrian day, with only horses. It will be a good opportunity to test out some more photography skills. It'll be interesting though because so far I have no idea what I'm going to see tomorrow as it is no where on their website. My camera is on charge, memory card being backed up and tripod at the ready. 

It's just over a week and half til my competition ends, to enter head over to here and find out how you can enter twice! 

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