Jumping Gatsby - 24/08/2013

Yesterday I had my weekly riding lesson, I already knew that I was going to be jumping because Fiona had told me so the day before. 

When I got on we spent a shorter amount of time working with my stirrups at my flat length (during the warm up and a small amount of trot) before putting them up three holes for my jump length. The first thing I noticed was that my ankles were going to ache and so was my hip and while I was nervous I was looking forward to jumping Gatsby. While I was doing some trot work with Gatsby Fiona and Steph (a lady that's going to be there most Saturdays that Fiona is teaching to do her BHS IA, I think!) set up to sets of trot poles one down each side. One had four poles and the other had three poles and was set up with the jump wings on each side. We went over the jumps a couple of times just doing rising trot then moved on to moving in to my jump seat. When I felt confident doing this Fiona asked if I was happy to move up to jumping, which I was. We started off with something that was fairly small to build my confidence up, we approached the jump in trot and before the jump we had some trot poles set up to. Gatsby soon told us that he thought the jump was too small so we moved it up when we were happy with jumping on my good rein we moved on to jumping on my bad rein. I was amazed that I didn't feel nervous and was actually looking forward to doing it. So we put the jump up a bit higher and Fiona said that just because the jump was higher didn't mean that I needed to rush the jump. So I took a deep breath kept calm and jumped it, the first time Gatsby didn't realise that we had made it bigger so just clipped the poles but didn't knock them down. After that though things went really well, he put in an odd stride once but I wasn't worried about it so was able to keep moving with him. The most important thing I learnt was to stay relax and enjoy it. I could feel and see how much Gatsby was clearly loving it and so happy with what we were doing and I loved that! So here's some video's for you! :) 

Let me know what you guys think! You can also find more of my videos with Gatsby by following this link :) 

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A Girl With A Dream 


  1. Yay for jumping, looks great!

  2. Good work!! You guys are looking super :-)

  3. Thank you guys! I had such a good time I'm surprised how much I loved it. :)


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