Money Evaluation and Equine Show Wish List

So for a while I've been wanting to do a post that is more for me than anyone else. This post is about the money I spend on riding and also things that I will need in the future. 

Every year I spend £1080 on riding lessons (one lesson every week of the year). I then also do Pony Club on a Monday night a year's worth of Pony Club (one meeting a week, every week of the year) would be £520. So thats £1600, this doesn't include any of the own a pony day's or extra activities that I do. I am so lucky to have a family that supports my riding life style and definitely think that it is more a life style than a Hobby. 

Now on to things that I would like or need in my riding future. The first thing on the list is a new riding Hat that I can then use for competition, I've decided that I would like a black velvet one, as blacks the colour that I prefer. When looking on the internet I found two that I like. The first one is a Gatehouse Hickstead Velvet Riding Hat this costs £86.50. The second one I like because it has some sparkle to it! It's the Gatehouse Hickstead Velvet Hat with Crystal Bow. Now this is more expensive because of the crystals but I love it, I've always liked sparkles and if I had an infinite amount of money I would buy this without thinking twice. However it is £112.50.

Gatehouse Hickstead Velvet hat in black with a crystal bow. I love this hat so much! 
The next thing that I would like to have for if I was doing competitions is a new show jacket. The first one that I ever bought was a grey and pink show jacket, I love it but it won't match my black riding hat.  So the one that I would like is the Katie Price Show Jacket with pink piping and buttons! I love this jacket and it costs £59.99. The second jacket that I like is the Pikeur Sarissa Show coat, I love it! It looks fitted and comfy and I love the subtly white piping that it's got. However it costs £169.99, so I think that's just slightly out of my price range but wouldn't that be nice! 

Pikeur Sarissa Show Coat - I LOVE the white piping and my riding teacher always recommends this make! 
The next thing that I would like to buy is a pair of really nice boots! I've got my long boots that are great for winter, and I have got my short black ankle boots. However I haven't got any long competition boots and I haven't got the right chaps to go with my short boots so the search for boots begin. The first that boots that I really like are the Dublin On Air Stretch Dress Boots. They of course are black they are simple and they have a zip up the back of them which will make them easier to fit as I have got wider calfs. 

Dublin On Air Stretch Dress Boots 
Obviously there are other things that I would need but for me these are the three most important things. If I could only buy three things these are the three things that I would buy! Now to get rich quick so that I can buy them. Anyone got any ideas? 

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