Mucking Out and Chilling Out

Today has been a relatively simple day, although at the same time it has been a completely exhausting day! I woke up in time to get dressed have some toast and go out the door to be at the yard for 8am this morning. When we got there we turned all the horses out and got to work on mucking out, I was going a lot slower than normal because I think I've pulled the muscle in my left leg so putting pressure on it is either completely fine or a nightmare. When we had got all the stables mucked out and some of them had their haynets put in, we decided it was time for a cup of tea! Fiona arrived to say hi with Daniel while we were drinking our tea and as they were leaving we decided to move on to doing the rest of the haynets. Well Elaine walked towards the hay barn only to find that in the middle of the Hay Barn was Sam! Sam had managed to get in and was standing munching on they hay, what can I say he's a horse with character? When Elaine went to take him out of the barn he then decided the way out (the same way as he got in) was far too scary! We finished filling all the haynets just as my mum was arriving. 

Tabby thought it would be fun to supervise Elaine and I filling haynets. She climbed al the way up to the top of the hay barn and sat on the wooden beam! Such a cute Kitty, while her brother watched from below! 

When I got home I took my Uncle out for a drive in my car (my driving practice as it's 10days until my test) and went to fill my car up with Petrol, then when I got back I just chilled out. I watched some T.V. with my mum, then I planned to curl up in bed and have a short nap after not sleeping well last night, instead I spent the evening and afternoon in my room either watching T.V., playing on my laptop or reading! The plus side to this was that I got to finish my book 'A Horse Called Hero' by Sam Angus! It was such a good book, if your a horse lover and love reading then this book is for you, it bought a tear to my eyes in a couple of places but it was definitely worth reading! 
A Horse Called Hero - Sam Angus! All I have to say is if you haven't read it, you should! :P 
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