My Memories Suite V4 - Review.

So as all of you know My Memories offered me the opportunity to host a give away that can be found here. I was also given a free copy of the software to review and tell you all what I thought of it, so here's my review. 

My memories is super easy to use, it is compatible with both Mac and Windows (PC). When you first open up My Memories Suite V4 you get three options the first is to Create an Album from Designer Templates, Design Your Own and to browse more content online. You also have an area at the bottom that gives you the opportunity to open any recent albums that you have created.

These are the three options that you will get when you open up My Memories Suite v4 and also the chance to open Recent Albums you have created. 
If you open up the option to create an album from a designer template you will see another new window, this window gives you a list of all the different designs that you can use and if you click on one it shows an example of the album. This makes it really easy to use and helpful because it shows you what you can do you don't have to open each one to know what it looks like you can just see it. 

The next window that you get carries on the simple to use theme, it shows you the pages that are already come in this template and above that they also give you the opportunity of all of the pages and you can drag them in to the box below then you can rearrange them into any order that you want. All you need to do is click and drag! 

The second to last window, gives you the opportunity to input photographs manually and automatically. For me as I want to be more customising and unique, I use the manual input as I can be more selective as to what goes where. Personal I love that you can choose whether you want to do it manually or automatically it all depends on whether you want a quick and simple album or want to spend more time working on it. 

The final window that you get is what you want to name the album, and where you want to save it to. It's simple and easy to use and it's quick. It doesn't take a long time and is easy to setup for someone that is busy and doesn't have a lot of spare time this is a great programme to use. All you have to do is click finish and it starts making the album for you. 

Now you have all your pages set up all you need to do is add photographs, any embellishments that you want or text. To add photographs all you need to do is add the photograph and drag it in to where it says 'your photos here' and your photograph is where you want it to be. It's quick and easy to use and what I love is it's obvious what you need to do and is easy to use. You already have all your colour schemes sorted but can add to them if you want to. 

First click the add button under where it says photograph (you can see this in the right hand side column of the print screen), you then drag the photograph in to the square or area where it says 'your photo'.
Here you can see what the photographs looked like when you drag them. At the bottom of the page in a rectangle box you can see all the pages that are in my 'Album'. The grey area around the square shows the area that would be cut off when printing or when Binding. Personally I think that this is great because you won't cut the picture off.
The next image I have shows you how easy it is to apply text. Whether you are a full time parent, working 24/7, or just a keen scrapbooker this programme is perfect for you. In the right hand column of the programme you will see that you have got a whole list of things that you can do (I will explore this more in the future). If you click on imprint that is near the bottom and then word art you will get a whole load of quotes that you can add to your album.

Click on the caption that you like the look of and then press apply to it. It is that quick and simple to use.
When you have done this it will show up black on the page you can change the place it's in, orientation and the size of the text as well as the colour, this is simple to do as it's all in one place. When you've done this in the same place that you clicked add, then you can change the colour and the opacity.

This is what it looked like when I put the font where I wanted it to be and added the pictures! 
Here I have changed the colour and the opacity making it look much more effective and less stand offish. Everything ties together and it looks simple and effective. It looks good. 

That's my over view on My Memories Suite V4, it's great and a software I am glad that I have got. I love using it, and find that it's easy to pick up, you can do pretty much anything that you want and make it look extremely effective. You can use any of the templates and can personalise them to what you want. This is a product that I will use a lot of in the future. It will help to make my photography business more personal and I can not wait to explore with it more. I will do more reviews in the future, so that you can see the fun I'm having out of the programme and also the fun that you guys could have out of this programme!

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