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This was the drawing that I did on Gatsby showing the bones that he has. I never knew that horses have 18 ribs that is a lot of ribs. It was super fun and I think the look on my face say sit all. 
This drawing on Gatsby isn't as good but it shows all the different Muscles (or at least some of them). It was fascinating to see both the muscles and the bones moving when lunging Gatsby I loved it. 
This morning I had my referral dentist appointment to do with pulling a tooth out. When we got there we had a long wait and lots of paper work to fill in. The person seemed really nice and the colour scheme was black and pink (this was the first thing that I noticed). The dentist agreed with the work that needs doing and did an x-ray while I was there however he did get confused when it came to my medical history because of  how complex it is. When I'd had the x-ray all that was left to do was book the appointment to have the sedation for the work to be done. Bare in mind that I've had problems with this tooth for three or four months now, and it's extremely painful at times, the first appointment they had was the 8th October. However it could be later than this because at the moment I do not know my university time table. so I don't know what days I'll be able to go to the dentist or doctors, anything like that really. I also don't know when I am going to know this information. So the receptionist said just to book it in for the earliest date that they could do and then if it needed moving to ring them up as soon as possible to sort things out. 

Tomorrow I haven't really gotten anything planned but on Thursday I get my results back from my exams that I did in May so it's safe to say I'm starting to get really nervous. Which is making me quite grumpy to be around.

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