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This morning I had to be up nice and early for the installation and delivery of my Mac. As you all probably know I have a macbook Air, that I purchased because it was light weight and usable but also because it was going to be good for photography. Then when I started applying for Uni I realised that realistically the screen was going to be too small for me to be able to edit photographs properly. 

So when it came to being accepted at University I then had to go for Interviews to do with Disability Allowance because of my long term chronic stomach pain, and through this it was decided that I would be able to get an iMac and software for it (for example a dictating software and planning software) as well as an olympus recorder so that I could record the lectures then be able to put them on my computer and take out of them the most important things. All of this was to be able to help me study better and improve my revision strategies and things like this. So this morning when it arrived I was pretty excited months ago I'd bought a desk so that it would be able to be in my room. 

When it arrived it had all the software already installed and I had the option that he could show me how to use it or I could learn to use it myself. I chose the second option because in my opinion it is the way that I would learn the best. Then I have been spending time applying for the student version of CC Cloud by adobe this allowed me to use all the adobe programmes for a certain amount each month! 

Now I'm off to explore more about my mac. 
So Until Next Time 
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