Bronze Award 1&2 Training Evening 1 :)

I am on a mission to get fit, I've been on a mission to lose weight for a while but only recently have I really wanted to start to get fit. Losing weight is always a good goal but getting fitter is an even better goal. Ever since last week I've been walking once a day with my dad, although we decided that we would have sundays off. I am also hoping that I can start swimming again soon. 

Today I went for my usual walk with my dad and then spent some time reading my horse magazine that came in the post this morning. This afternoon/evening was my weekly Pony Club in two weeks we will have our Bronze Level 1 and 2 test evening. So today we were practicing for the test evening and we will do the same next week. We decided that even though the riding part of the test is simply that we would spend tonight practicing it. The  hardest part was that you have to be able to mount and dismount from the wrong side of the horse. The only other thing that you need to do was be able to walk in a straight line and be able to halt as well as be able to do basic movements turning left or right and circles. Then it was time to put the horses to bed, I did Rascal and got him all ready for the night. We ran out of time so didn't get around to doing the feeds at Pony Club so once everyone had gone I helped Fiona and Elaine to do the feeds. 

Tomorrow I am going up to help in the morning and then have got a driving lesson in the afternoon. 

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