First few days of Uni and my Bronze Award Exam

Yesterday was my first proper day at University, everything seems so dream like at the minute! When we first got there we got told more information about the course that we are doing for me it's a foundation year in Art and Design followed by three years of Commercial photography. The great thing is there are also two other girls on my course that are doing the same as me, and the three of us are all getting along really well! Then we had a tour around the two parts of the campus that we are going to be using followed by a talk on what to do if you are poorly and can't' come in. 

That evening I also had my Pony Club Bronze Award one and two test. I was nervous to start with but I knew that they were all things that I knew, or things that I do on a regular basis so I can do them without thinking about it. Then I got to put Gatsby to bed and rug him up for the night as the weather is turning cold and rainier. I passed both my one and two Bronze award. So Monday was a really good day for me. 

Today was my second day at University all this week we are going to be doing induction type things so we don't actually get started on the course until next Monday. This morning we had a tour around the library that was supposed to take an hour but only took 15 minutes so instead for the other 45 minutes we sat chatting. Then I drove home and then went back in at 4 o'clock for a talk and opportunity to be able to meet all the people that we will be working with. It finished earlier but I did find it helpful and all the people seemed really approachable. Tomorrow I officially enrol on my course in the morning and then in the afternoon I do some more workshops and getting used to using the computer university system! 

Tonight I went to my brothers friends house for his older sister to cut my hair. She's the same age as me but has been training to be a hair dresser. She does a really good job of cutting peoples hair and I'm really happy with how it looks. I've got a thicker/fuller fringe and longer layers this time. I'm not dying it until at least my birthday next year as it just needs some time off from having dye put in it. 

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