First Lecture and workshop

So today is the first day that I am actually coming on my computer to do my post the past few nights I've been loading blogger up on my phone and then typing my post on that then going straight to sleep. So I haven't actually been reading any body elses blog. Well that changed today I caught up on what everybody has been up to. 

This morning I had my first actual workshop for my second Module. I was looking forward to it but at the same time as it's more a fine art module I was nervous about the drawing that we had to do but I really like the work that we had to do. We started off in our studio space and then we had to do 8 drawings marking the journey that we were going on. It could be anything from rubbings, marking, views out of the windows or people walking around. It could also be done in any material that we wanted to so I used a combinations of pens and a HB pencil. It was really fun and at the end I got some great feedback and also got told that lots of the things that I did in individual drawings I could actually combine into one drawing. So I was really happy with this it went so much better than I expected it to. 

Then this afternoon we had our first lecture none of us where really sure what it was going to be on so we were all interested in what it was going to be and in the end it was something that I found really interesting as it was based on a type of photography. Pinhole Photography. This isn't something that I know a lot about but it is something that I WOULD like to know more about. For the majority of it we got to see lots of different images that were done using a pin hole camera but the guy that had come in to do the lecture also bought in several of his 'pinhole cameras'. He was really interesting and I liked that he did things that were so random. Even though it's not a style that I would use a lot I LOVED that he thought outside of the box and I Think that is the main thing that I am going to take away with me. 

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