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In todays lesson Gatsby and I worked on Flat work. After doing a few weeks of jumping work it's safe to say it's time for me to start getting back in to my outline work. When I got there I gave Gatsby some loving and a good groom then I got on him. We decided that we would work more on getting him in to an outline and also on getting him to be more forward and responsive. When I first got on he was responsive and moving off my leg, but when circling we were getting way to much leg bend. So we worked on staying really still in my position. 

I then started moving on to doing rein back, this is where things started to get really interesting Gatsby became a hundred times more responsive. We would do two or three steps of rein back then I would ask him to move forwards but going straight in to the trot. This was amazing we were managing to get in to the outline a lot easier and I was really enjoying it. However as soon as I started to feel tired I lost the outline. Fiona got on Gatsby so that I could look more at what I needed to do and how to ride him. We both decided that on the right rein he was a lot more resistant. When I got back on him I thought I'd take away my stirrups. For the last 10-15 minutes we worked on riding without stirrups and being able to engage my seat bones and move with him. We didn't get an outline but we did get me sitting and having a good balance which was exactly how I wanted to end the lesson. I was so happy that I actually managed to achieve something. 

This afternoon I stayed up at the stables and got to have my own kind of work out. We spent the afternoon tacking up and untacking horses. Putting bedding down and getting the horses beds ready and poo picking fields. By the time it came for me to go home I was feeling so much better, I was aching but at the same time it was a good ache. It was like when you have a really good work out at the swimming pool or at the gym and you ache after but you feel GREAT! So from now on I'm going to be able to stay up on a Saturday afternoon and help out after I have had my ride, it'll be a great way to lose weight! 

Pictures to come tomorrow. 

Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream

P.s. This should have posted on Saturday 


  1. It's great when your hobby is a good exercise.

  2. Outline work is always good, keeps your horse listening when you do jump. Barn work is great exercise, that's how i stayed in shape for years, I need to do more now ;)

  3. I definitely enjoy working on an outline. It makes me ache by the end but days at my yard sre always so fun, we always have a good laugh


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