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This morning I went up to the Stables to help with mucking out and turning the horses out, while it's a job that always makes me feel tired (early start) I always enjoy doing it and I know that it is building up my stomach muscles! While we were mucking out the horses were out in the field and Sam made me laugh. Sam likes to change fields he doesn't like to be where he's supposed to be. So some how he managed to change fields again, it doesn't matter what you do he still escapes but the funny thing is by the time to get the horses back in again he's back in his normal field. He certainly is a clever horse and I do really like him.  

When I had finished there I went for a two hour driving lesson, it was good and I got to practice doing the things that I am more nervous about doing, I also got told some of the things that examiners will do in an attempt to trick you. I'm feeling confident that I will pass my test but only time will tell. After my driving lesson my dad and I went for a walk and when we got back my mum had gone out, neither of us had got our keys but my mum put them in a safe place for me to find but when we tried to put the key in the lock we found that my mum had left her keys in the door on the inside by accident. So it took us between 30 and 45 minutes to get in to the house, with my brother and my dad helping him to get the key our the other side of the door! It took a while though! 

Now I'm off for a nap. 

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