More good news

This morning I had to be up and ready to go out for 7:30, I would have an hour and a half to practice before I would have my driving test. I was fairly nervous but knew that I needed to relax and stay calm, we drove the 20minute drive to where I would be having my driving test and then spent an hour and 20 minutes. Here we practiced doing all the movements that I could be asked to do. When the time was right we then went to the test centre and parked up. We went in and the first thing that O had to do was an eye sight test, the next thing that I had to do was answer to 'show me/tell me' questions. Then the rest of the test began, fairly early on I had to do my movement which was the left reverse around the corner. I then had to do 10-15 minutes of 'independent driving' then after this I followed the instructions of where I would have to go until we eventually got back to the  test centre. Here I was told that I passed!!! :D 

So this afternoon I drove myself to my last dentist appointment and then drove home again I also did some driving on my own it feels weird being able to drive without having any one with me. 

I would also like to say thank you for everyones kind comments on my post the other day. 

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  1. Congratulations on getting your driver's license. My older brother just got his last year. :)


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