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Yesterday was my first 'proper' day at the Uni on my own, it was a 'welcome/progression' day. The day was aimed to get people to meet new people on the same course as them. Well for me there was nobody there that was on the same course as me but there were two girls in the same building as me and one girl that's just down the road from where I am based. 

When we first got there we got a free lunch time meal and drink. After this we went to one of the rooms were we got told what we would do during the day, the first thing we did was play 'human bingo' and basically you had to go up to different people ask them the questions that were on the sheet we'd got and if they could answer it then you had to write their name down. 

After this we split in to groups one that would go to the building where I am, one the building down the road from me and the other at the main Kedleston Road building. We then got a tour round the building (apart from the fact that the majority of the doors were locked, so you couldn't really lookat anything) and this is where I met the first two girls Shannan and Amy, Amy is doing a photography course like me so we will be in the same building. Shannan is also in the same building as us. When we had finished the tour we then went back to the main building and had a break and this is where we met Wallace, she is doing an art therapy course at the building down the road from us. The four of all just seemed to get on and stuck together for the rest of the afternoon. When the break was over we had to do a questionnaire on how we would deal with certain uni situations and then we got given the answers of what we should do. Finally there was a talk about the Students Union and then a question and answers session that we all had to attend. One of the main questions was about Parking. Students that are driving, like me, to Uni each day will need to get a permit but are not actually allowed to park in the Uni car parks! That was the end of the day. 

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