Not the best lesson I've had but I'm still happy with what I did.

Saturday, 7 September 2013
Today I rode on my own again. We decided that with Gatsby and  I enjoying jumping so much that we would carry on doing jump work. We decided that we would do two jumps going down the long side of the school. We warmed up and I could fall how responsive Gatsby was it was almost like he knew what we were going to do before we had even said anything. I made sure that even as we were warming up he was listening to me and forward off my leg. Fiona first put out some trot poles that we went over first in rising trot and then in a jump seat. When I was ready Steph and Fiona put two poles down the long side set up with two non jump strides in the middle (I think that was right) the aim was to go over these in canter and get used to the strides in between, we then put the furthest away up to a cross and went over the poles then over the jump, this week we were working on starting to approach in canter, to start with it wasn't very pretty I kept freezing and not being able to get the right striding in, but then towards the end I got two really nice jumps were I pushed him to get the right stride. Fiona said she could see me being the Pilot not the passenger. We then put the first pole up to another cross jump, neither of these were very big but it was getting me used to it. The first time going over the jumps it was horrible we knocked the last jump down because I just froze I couldn't get the strides right, my timing was awful and I couldn't wrap my mind around everything. So we took it back abit we kept both jumps up but instead of doing the approach in canter we did the approach in trot. We did the jumps twice more and they were better, I was able to go with him but they still weren't perfect but I don't expect them to be it's been over a year since I've done this type of jumping and I Feel like I'm coming on in leaps and bounds. No I didn't have the best lesson today it was no where near perfect but it proved to me that even though it was rough I can still do it.

I do have photos but I will post them tomorrow.

It felt so weird today to not see Daisy out in the field or Corrie in her stable. Corrie was there the entire time that I have een there and was there long before I arrived. It was so strange but we do have either two new horses or three coming I'm not quite sure how many because we've talked about quite a few. So it will be interesting to see them coming, I know that one arrives on Monday and I think another on Tuesday so it will be nice to meet them.

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  1. Kitty Kat said...:

    Doing lines and gymnastics makes our brains work a little faster then a single rail, or even a course of singles. SOunds like your trainer is starting you off nice and slow and setting you up for success, good job!

  1. It did seem to really help, I think it's because it got me thinking more about what I'm doing and setting Gatsby up for a good jump! I love my trainer she's helped me so much over the past year and it's amazing to see how much I've changed.

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