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Hey guys so I would like to ask you for some opinions! I am hoping to enter a photography competition soon, it's the first competition that I've really felt confident enough to enter my work in to. Here's the catch though I can only enter two photographs I've been able to narrow it down to five but now need to narrow it down to two. The objective for the photograph is a countryside seen of Derbyshire or Nottingham. So let me know what you guys think! 

Choice one 

Choice two

Choice 3 

Choice 4 
Finally Choice 5
So let me know which one you guys like the most by commenting with two of the 'choices'. Today was my first university Field trip. To start off with it was cold, rainy and no one was really looking forward to it but then the day started to warm up and people started to wake up and it suddenly became more interesting! I loved the second part of the yorkshire sculpture part that we went to and think out of everything that we went to today that will be the artist that influences me the most! We then went to another museum/gallery which was more for the fine art students as it's a place that wasn't the most helpful for me (photographer) but I did get some great outdoor shots! They will be posted soon :) 

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  1. I love them! My favorites are probably the first one and fourth one, but they all look nice. :D

  2. I like 1 and 3, interesting composition on 3.

  3. I really like #1, its got great composition. I normally hate things cut off like in #3, but it kinda works in an awesome way, so I'd say #3 or #4 for the second :) Good luck!

  4. One and two are my favorites :)

  5. Thank you guys this was really helpful stay tuned for more updates on this in the future


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