Plenty of photo's!

I love this photograph! I know Angel isn't completely in focus but I think it's cute! I bought her this bone 3weeks ago and she's still working her was through it but it IS HUGE compared to her! 

This Photograph and the ones above where all done using manual focus, I also experimented with a few other things and loved how these ones turned out. 
The photographs that you will see below this are photos that might be being used for the media pack front cover. Let me know which one's you guys like the most of course my favourites are the ones with horses in! 
View from up the road near where I live the main focus of this photograph was the leaves/tree in the top left hand corner. I love how it worked out and this was also done in manual shooting. 

I love how this one has kind of framed the top left hand corner and left hand side by the angle that I took it at! It looks better than I first thought it would do.  

Another view from near where I live.  I love that I live in the country side and have all these beautiful areas that I can take photographs in! 

The next few photographs include me working at making the photograph go slowly back in stages and different levels. 

This photo is a great example of the different levels I wanted to include in my photographs in the foreground is the wooden style (think I spelt that right) then your eye moves to the middle where the horses are. Then finally the background is the big tree! 

But of course when your near horses you obviously need just photographs of the horses on their own (these photographs aren't an option for the front of the media pack). 

This photograph once again shows the stages that I wanted the eye to look at the photograph I think it worked out quite well but I would LOVE to hear your opinions! 

Another example but this one has the main focus in the foreground (the horse) not in the background :) 

'Aren't I cute??  I suppose you can take a picture of me' Everywhere I moved to this little guy followed me stopping to eat grass and pose for the camera! 

I know that I chopped the heads of one of the horses when I took this photograph but I think it looks quite good. It's one of my favourites from the day and I like how this photo slowly draws your eye backwards. 

This was just a random shot that I took but I LOVE how it's split in to three sections even though this wasn't something that I had planned for it to do. 
I would love to hear your guys opinions of my photographs, I would also love any constructive criticism as in the future it will help me be a better photographer. Thank you :) 

Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream 


  1. I love that last photo! Isn't it funny how sometimes the unplanned ones turn out so great!

  2. The pictures are great! I love them, especially the one with the black horse standing in the middle of the picture. I also like the first one, but all of them are good. :)

  3. Thank you. I love that sometimes the simplest idea/photograph is the most effective. At uni today when we were talking we were told to keep things simple and that it normally looks better and I completely agree!


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