Pony Club and Pleasant walks :)

There is not a lot going on recently, yesterday evening I had Pony Club and I Was in the group of four that got to do some riding as Fiona said that we could practice for the Bronze 1 and 2 award. But the only things that we needed to be able to do was walk in a straight line turn left and right and be able to stand still. Be able to get on and off on the wrong side and receive a leg up on the right and wrong side. Maisie got to ride first so the stirrups were like way to short so to save time, I just crossed them over and got rid of them. There was a time I would have had to think for ages before doing this but now I just feel happy to throw them away I don't have to think about it.

Today I went and bought my mum a present to say thank you for helping me with my Driving and getting me through my test and went for a walk with my dad. Part of where we walk there is a field that has loads of cows in it and one of the cows is only a few days old so after I'd been for a walk with my dad I went back and tried to get a picture of it but I couldn't get that close to it, so tomorrow I will put the pictures up, I played around with the white balance on some of them so a few of them have an odd hue to them but I quite like it.

So Until Tomorrow
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