Red House Horse and Carriage Museum

This morning I got up not to early but not to late because my dad and I were going for a trip out. Because my Dad couldn't come to my riding lesson last weekend he said that we would go out for a morning. So we went to a Carriage and Horse museum that I've always wanted to go to! I loved it, everything was so well looked after. There tackroom was sparkling everything was shiny!!! It sparkles when you looked in the leather I swear you could see your reflection! They had carriages that were used in the coronation in 1953, an old ice cream cart! The horses and carts that were used in the film Pride and Prejudice. It was great! The horses were stunning and I really enjoyed it. Then we went for a drive around and drove through Chatsworth and saw some gorgeous baby deers. Then we just drove steadily home. 

I haven't really done a lot today but I still feel quite tired. I haven't been able to talk alot because there is a bug going around at the minute and I think that I have caught it because I've had a really bad throat! 

Tomorrow I'm going to a getting ready for uni/leaving for uni party and then my sister is coming over in the afternoon so maybe we will get some really cute photographs. 

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