Some sad news

Yesterday morning I had been at the stables and was finding it really calm and relaxing before my university trip. However when I got on facebook late last night I saw a friends status about two horses having to be put to sleep it turns out that during the afternoon Fiona had to make the decision to have one of the horses called Corrie put to sleep. Not only that but Daisy May's owner also had to make the hard decision to have her put to sleep as well. When I first found out it seemed so strange because it was only yesterday morning that I'd been giving Daisy some fuss and then turning her out. 

I haven't got any pictures of Daisy or Corrie that I had taken but I do have two photo's that I got off West Hallam Riding Centre Facebook Page. All though I do not know these horses two well I did enjoy the time that I spent with the two of them, I didn't know them very well but they will be sadly missed. 

This is Corrie and Rosie spending some time together Corrie is the taller horse and Rosie is the little pony. Rosie left West Hallam Riding Centre later on last week.  
This is Daisy. she initially came with the agreement that she would be on working livery however it was then decided that this wasn't going to happen so instead she was another Livery Horse. Both these horses will be truly missed.
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