Videos and driving practice :)

Above you will find the video of Gatsby and I from yesterday, towards the end you will see that coming in to the smaller jump we approached in to canter. We were supposed to be staying in the trot but Gatbsy wanted to move in to the canter so we went with this. Fiona said that she could see in my mind that I was wondering whether to bring him back or go with it so she shouted with me to go with it and I'm glad that I did because it made me realise that I can jump from a canter and that when we are Gatsby isn't going to rush it. I chose the song 'Wild Horses' because it just seemed to fit, because when you're jumping it feels like you are 'free'. 

Today I have spent some time started to get to know my iMovie software and that was how I was able to make this video it took a while but I think it is a good over view of my lesson on Saturday. I also went for a drive with my mum as my driving test is soon! Then when I got in I spent some time curled up with a good book, I know when I go to University I am not going to have as much time to read as I would like to so I'm going to make the most out of the time I've got before Uni starts! 

But that's all for now, it's been a pretty quiet day. 

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