Catch up time Part One.

On Monday was the start of my second proper week at University. In the morning we had a lecture on colour. It was things that were quite simple to understand but at the same time could advance the way that we think about doing our particular work, whether it be art, fashion or photography. It was looking at things like advancing and receding colours, cool and warm colours and complementary. 

In the afternoon there was a fair bit of sitting around as this week there was only one teacher when normally there would be two teachers. During this session Rodger came around every person in the group and talked to them about their work. Asking what their ideas were and where they would like to head with their final piece. Part of my work is photographs with drawings on the top of them so he suggested an artist that I could look at. 

In the evening I had Pony Club, as the weather was still Sunny (although it did drop Chilly) we all sat outside and Fiona and Elaine showed us there First aid boxes. Elaine's was massive and it interested me that a lot of the things that were in it where things that people would use. Like nappies, cold bandages for people things like that. We then got to have a go at bandaging a knee or Hock. I chose to do Gatsby's knee. The funny thing was at one point everyone wanted Gatsby and now it's back to just me trying to get him, which is nice but odd at the same time. The first bandage that I did was a black one and we all decided that we couldn't really see properly. So then we switched it to a lilac fleece bandage that had snow men all over them! They looked so cute but funny at the same time. We then groomed the horses and put them to bed. During the majority of the evening we bought Little Rocky out so that he got some company as he is still struggling with being on his own. Two of the younger girls practiced doing bandages on Little Rocky and then groomed him and I think he did enjoy some of the attention. 
I saw this cute photo on Instagram and really liked it. Think it's a good quote to cheer you up when your having a bad day :) 
These show my four attempts at doing a bandage with the cute snowmen bandage wraps. The biggest picture is the last attempt that I had at doing his knee bandage. 
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  1. Glad your week has gone well. I love that quote. :)

  2. That quote was so true. When I first started jumping I was so nervous (ok still am), but there was a little girl watching from another trainer's horse, and she got all excited and started talking about how cool it was and how much she wanted to try. Always show your best, you never know who's watching.

  3. It's a quote that I think will stick with me because its so true. On the last own a pony day I had all the little kids watching me jump gatsby and they were so sweet after and at pony club when we are riding people are watching then too. It always pushes me to be the best rider i can be

    It sounds like you have come a long way with your riding and becoming more confident


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