Cute Donkey Pictures!!!

This was one of my favourites because this little fella just walked right up to me, he wasn't bothered about the camera or the flash it was lovely! 

I love this image I think the Donkey has really soft looking eyes and is just 100% adorable. This was on the manual settings and I was surprised by how well it worked. I'll definitely be putting this up so that if people like it they can buy a print of it. 

Mummy and youngster, the Little fella is only 18 months old and the adult is pregnant. They are so cute! 

I think that this image works really well because of the lighting but simply because it's really cute! This donkey is adorable but has the oddest markings ever. 
So these are just some photographs that I took today, I wanted to put them up now before I had chance to do some editing work on them so that people can see the before and after! I think they turned out better than I expected some of them to do and because of this will be using them for some of my module work. 

Until Next Time 
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