Day at the stables and LOTS of pictures!

Today has been a busy day. when I woke up this morning I didn't think that I was going to stay at my stables for the afternoon because my stomach wasn't great but as soon as I got there I decided I would do. I am glad I did! 

We started off when I got there with me and JaimieLeigh giving Rascal and Sam a good groom as both of them were absolutely ditched! It was horrible. Then we switched horses to tack them up. I was riding Gatsby who was already being used in a lesson so I didn't have him to tack up and get ready but thats cool. Steph was here this week so that meant that she would be taking the lesson. She asked what we wanted to work on and I said I'd like to get him going in an outline again and also that I'd like to do some more work without stirrups. From the minute I got on I could tell he was going to be responsive. He was ready to go and I was ready to go with him. From the get go I didn't have to worry about forwardness I focused on my straightness and my position. But the good work didn't begin until I took my stirrups away, then I was able to get him going in an outline. It wasn't as good as last week but it was there. I had to get quite direct with him but the minute that I did he was like 'ok she's not joking'. We finished the lesson on a really great note!! 

No photos of my lesson yet! As I will be developing them in a dark room on Monday!

I then went out to the field to take some photographs of Tom who was lying down and I have to say he was being a proper little poser! Then I bought Chez in while Molly bought Merlin in. JaimieLeigh, Molly and I then went to work on getting Rocky who had just been bought in from the field. While the lessons were going on the three of us did some tack cleaning. Which was nice to do and we had a good chat while doing it. We then finished the day by skipping out all the stables. I then took some photographs for Molly (a different one) who was having a riding lesson that I can then use for my university course as well. After I'd done that I gave Gatsby a brush over and then tacked him up for his lesson and then it was time to go home. 

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