Dentists, photography and shopping.

Today has been a quiet day for me. I got up this morning and went to help my mum do the shopping, I have Fridays off university so thought it would be nice to help my mum plus it was a job that I don't mind doing, although today it was really busy. Then I spent the afternoon playing on Harvest Moon DS, it's a game that I used to have and recently I've bought again. 

Then at 4pm I had to go to the Dentist because as you all know I am due to have a tooth pulled out. Well the problem is that the tooth in question is becoming incredibly sensitive and painful, I can't eat on that side of my mouth or close my jaw properly. I'm on my third set of Anti-biotics or it might be fourth. I've had it refilled with medication three times and it just keeps getting worse. 

After I had been to the dentist I went out with my mum to do some photography. There was a really weird lighting around where I live so I took the opportunity to take photos of the scenery and also to take some more equine photographs. Part of my uni work is Equine photography and for this I have chosen to take photographs of animals moving in the local area. The photographs are all natural and not overly forced or posed and that's' what I really like doing. I'll put the photographs up tomorrow or Sunday. 

This evening I went to my youth group and we all had a good laugh. It was quite because most people have gone off to Uni far away, but Spencer, Evie and I keep going and we always have a good time. It was nice to just chill out and have a catch up with people that I have known for quite a long time. We watched some TV kicked a football around outside for a bit, had some pizza and just sat around talking and chilling out. 

Tomorrow I'm at my stables and I can not wait! I love my horse time and it seems like forever since I was last at the stables! 

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