Happy Birthday Nan

It's strange to think that today it's my nans birthday and that she's not here. I finished at Uni early today so planned to just go home and go back to sleep! What I didn't know was both my uncles, my sister and my nephew were going to be at my house and that they were all taking flowers to the church (forgot to mention mum and dad but they're always around! :P). So I went with my family to take flowers to the church for my nan. It's still weird that she's not around nagging me to keep my fringe out my eyes and stop straightening my hair 'cause I do prefer your natural hair'. Or asking about my riding because my nan was also really into horses.

After that Martin (one of my mums oldest friends (I think, am I right mum?)) came around to our house for a bit to, so the house was fairly busy but the best bit was the fact that I got to have lots of cuddle times with my little man again! Yep, having my nephew around is always the highlight of my day. We also talked (my sister and I) about going on a ghost walk around derby together which we thought would be quite interesting. What can I say, we're normal? Nah! 

In uni we did some more photoshop work, using Photobooth (for those of you that don't know it's the mac version of a webcam) then editing the images together so it looked like they were moving.
This top one was done in my lesson using photo booth.

This photoshop work was done with photographs that I took the other day of my nephew! 
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  1. Yes Martyn is my oldest friend, we have known each other for at least 40 years and maybe a few more. Didnt know you could walk in Photoshop I thought you worked!


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