Today was my weekly lesson and afternoon at the stables. When I got there I found out that I would be riding Gatsby, in our lesson we were working on being straight and sitting trot work. For me this meant a fair bit of riding without stirrups, something that I used to hate but am slowly growing to love, it makes me ache but is so worth it! Towards the end of the lesson I got some really nice outline work. I think that riding Vettie the past two weeks has made me think more about my position and what I need to do to get Gatsby in to an outline. It was by no means the best riding that I have ever done but I enjoyed it and I know that it's making me in to a better rider. 

Then for the rest of the afternoon I helped out doing jobs around the yard. I've always loved helping out and it makes me feel so much better. I was tired this morning but the more that I worked the better I was  feeling. The weather was horrible but it was still enjoyable. I got Gatsby untacked and gave him some loving to after he was a complete star in a lesson that he did after my lesson. At about 5o'clock the weather really started picking up and Fiona wasn't feeling great so the rest of the afternoons lessons were cancelled. 

Tonight I plan on curling up with a good book and just having some sleep. Tomorrow I'm going to do more work for Uni, (originally I was going to do it tonight but I just feel to tired to do it). 

Until Tomorrow 
A Girl With a Dream 


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