Pony Club - 14/10/13

Yesterday I had Pony Club and it was an evening based around natural horsemanship, Parelli. Now this is something that I have done once before when it was snowing and we couldn't ride and I really enjoyed doing it. This time I got to use Tom to do it, I've never really worked with Tom so it was interesting to do. I got to do two sessions of it instead of one as some people didn't want to do it. We looked at the seven games and got to see Fiona working with Tom. He was a bit stiff because last year in the snow he severed his archery in his leg, so he's not done as much this year I also got to find out more about Tom but that's a story for another day! 

When we had finished with the Parelli, we skipped out the horses, gave them water, put their hay nets up and we also got to give Tom a bit of a groom and some fuss and attention which was nice. This also meant that I got to see Vettie as the two of them are in the same area so of course he got to have some fuss and attention to! I love how gentle the two of them, it doesn't matter that they are really big horses! I also found out that Fiona has had Tom since he was conceived, and that he was born in Rascal's stable. The bond that the two of them have is amazing and I hope that when I got my own horse I can have a bond like that. 

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  1. She's had him since he was born? That's cool. It sounds like they have an excellent bond. There would be nothing more amazing than having a bond like you described with a horse.

  2. Yeah she has :), they have such a strong bond! I can't wait to have my own horse!


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