printing, darkrooms and plaiting

Today has been a long and at some points extremely tiring day. This morning we had got a lecture where we looked at different sculptures it wasn't the most helpful thing for me (photographer) but it was still interesting to see! 

We then went to Hobby Craft Where I put a new white paint and a new water brush thing, I wanted to get some guilding (not sure how you spell it) flakes but they hadn't got only multicoloured ones so I didn't get any. Then we went to McDonalds for our lunch which was nice the funny thing was I bumped in to Evie while I was there so Charmaine and Evie got to meet. 

When we had had our lunch we went back to the campus and did some work in the print rooms, I really enjoyed doing this (we used blue and red ink and made purple). I've never done until now Lino Printing so I'm enjoying playing around with that. They'll come in use for my Silk Screen workshop too, then we had an induction in to the Dark room, we didn't know we needed to bring film so we weren't able to actually do any of the developing process but maybe next time? 

At Pony Club it was mainly a catch up evening, but Fiona said if we didn't need to catch up that we would be able to come along anyway, so Molly and I worked on doing some plaiting on Gatsby. His main was to long to do it to start with so Fiona showed us how to pull his main using a Solocomb which was really interesting and then we got to work plaiting him up. It was really fun and I enjoyed talking to Molly, eventually we will be doing the plaiting badge! 

my attempt

Molly's go

my best one 
Until Next Time  
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  1. Your braids are a lot better than mine would probably be. Have you tried using water or hair mousse to make it easier?

  2. I've tried water and that does make it a lot easier. I'm not the best at it but maybe one day I will be.


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