Starting off on 12 and going to 9

Today was great! I started off not feeling 100% but I knew that I had horse time today and that kept me motivated to keep moving and not just stay in bed because I feel ill and you know what? I had the best ride on Gatsby ever. I decided that I would like to work on riding without stirrups so I got him going but then fairly quickly got going without stirrups. I remember the time when I couldn't even think about riding without stirrups now I'm asking to do it more and more! 

I worked on making my muscles work, yes I do try to do that every week but this week it was going to happen! I sat still in my position and decided that I could do it if I really wanted to and I did. I spent the majority of my lesson in trot work without stirrups and in an outline. I had some really really good moments and can see how much I'm improving in such a short space of time and it feels great! We had some extremely responsive leg yields. He was listening to my leg so much that when I asked him to leg yield and moved my hips he did it and picked up trot at the same time. I worked on really stretching my leg down and dropping my weight in to the back of my ankle, it was important to me that I ride like I want to. I started off with my stirrups on the 12th hole and by the end of my lesson I put them down to being on the 9th hole. I couldn't believe the difference, I was aching loads but I felt so good and we also had a laugh at the same time which was great! 

I've also started wearing my belt again to keep my hip in place and it's working wonders I think. 

Then I spent the rest of my afternoon there and helped doing some of the jobs. I've decided that a day at the stables is one of the best workouts a girl can get! I can definitely feel my muscles building back up, especially my core muscles! 

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A Girl With A Dream 

Oh and next time I get to ride Vettie again!!! 


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