Vettie and I - Saturday 5th October 2013

I really like this photograph. I don't know what it is about it that makes me like it but I do.   
I love my position (other than my hands) in this photograph. I really struggle to keep my leg in place and I love how in this photograph they're where they are supposed to be just need more weight down the back of my leg.

I love the angle of Vettie's legs in this photograph. I also love how floaty he looks.

Excuse my awful Right Leg! I can never manage to keep this leg where it is supposed to be! So annoying 


He really makes me sit up in my position, just about to go rising trot here so tilting slightly forwards. Also not the best leg position! Look how big his stride looks would love to see this in a video. 

I really like this photograph I think the look on my face kind of says it all! 

I'm slowly getting there, towards the end of my lesson I was starting to ask for an outline in the trot as well as in the walk. Love the position that Vettie is in here.


Lots of circle work is the key to getting me thinking as well as lateral work. We were starting to really get there. 

I do really really like this photograph. I know it's a bit blurred but I love how we look. I know that I also need to sort my arms out more and bend more in my elbows.

Vettie says aren't I handsome, really do like this horse! 

Of course we have to include Gatsby somewhere, I'm riding Vettie in the background while JaimieLeigh and Gatsby are watching. I really do love out lessons together and hey Jaimie-Leigh and I are wearing matching outfits. 
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  1. I love the pictures. Vettie really is a gorgeous horse. He's a warmblood, right?

  2. Thank you guys! I love him, American girl I'm not sure what breed he is but I think he is a warmblood but not 100% sure.


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