A-Z fun questions.

Okay so the other day I saw this on one of the blogs I read and thought I might as well give it a go! If you want to try it feel free to!! 

A - Age? 18, it doesn't seem that long ago that I was 16 and finishing my GCSE's
B - Bed Size? Double 
C - Chore you hate? Tidying my room, I love organising other peoples stuff just not my own! 
D - Dogs? I have a Shih Tzu called Angel, for anyone who follows me on instagram you'll have seen her around.

E - Essential start to your day? Good Question, but I really don't know the answer, I don't always eat/drink anything so it can't be that! I DO always check my phone when I get up and several times during the night. So I guess my essential start to the day is to check my phone. 
F - Favourite Colour? PINK or Purple,  I can have anything that I want as long as it's in one of those two colours. I've even been known to dye my hair both pink and purple! 
G - Gold or SILVER? GOLD! Silver in jewellery makes me itch but I've always loved gold, I also like gold leaf in art and design. I like that Gold's warm where as I think silver's quite a cool colour. 
H - Height? 5'4". 
I - Instruments you can play? Keyboard/piano I can play a small amount of guitar and drums too. 
K - Kids? None, I'm 18 and have my whole life ahead of me. To be honest though I'd rather stick with horses and animals and playing with my sisters kid. 
My baby nephew! 

L - Live? United Kingdom, England. 
M - Mum's name? Full name is Elizabeth but no one calls her that (she hates it) so Liz. 
N - Nicknames? I have quite a few, seen as my real name is Amber my nicknames include, Bamb, Baba, Bambi, Mamb, Mini-Milk (my sister used to call me this because I love Mini-Milk ice creams). 
O - Overnight Hospital Stays? I've had to many to count, I was in the hospital once last year for two weeks, the year before that I was admitted twice for roughly a week each time. I've also had many hospital appointments. 
P - Pet Peeve? - People being patronising, it really annoys me when people that are older than me STILL treat me like a little kid, also when boys just assume because I'm a girl that I know nothing about cars! Urgghhh Frustrating. 
Q - Quirk? Erm, I don't know if I have any, I suppose the fact that I nearly always have bright colour hair. 
When I had purple and pink hair, although eventually the purple changed to a blonde colour. 

R - Righty or Lefty? Righty but I can write and draw with both hands.
S - Siblings? One little brother, Dom, and an older sister called Anne-Marie. 
T - Time you wake up? This depends entirely on what I am doing on what day, on a Sunday I tend to sleep until quite late. To go in to Uni I'm normally up between 8 and 9. If I'm at the stables in a morning I'm normally up between 7:30 and 8. But I'm really NOT a morning person.
U - Underwear? Erm okay this is a bit random. so going to skip it. 
V - Vegetables you dislike? Nearly every single vegetable, I like sweetcorn, potatoes some times, parsnips and I think thats about it! BUT I love fruit. 
W - What makes you run late? Over sleeping (my mum waking me up and then me going back to sleep. If I have a bad day with my hip or stomach then I can be quite late. 
X - X-rays? Oh god!! Erm I don't know I've had several done on my shoulder and collar bone, my ribs and lungs, several on my ankles, my hand at least five times and there just the ones that I can remember. 
Y - Yummy Food you make? Erm I like making cakes especially a Guinness Cake. I'm not the best cook, I used to be able to cook chinese. 
Z - Zoo favourite animal? I can't pick just one I love animals but I will say all the big cats are my favourite, I adore snow leopards.

Later some equine photographs to come and a post about my lesson today. 

Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream. 


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