First time helping out at a University photoshoot (and acting like a big kid).

Just a quick post from me. Today has been a long day but in some aspects has also been really productive. This morning I helped my mum do the food shopping and then I watched T.V. for a bit before it was time to head in to University. I'd agreed with Charmaine that I would help her with her photoshoot and this is also meant that we got some pretty funny photographs! 
This was far too much fun! 
This evening I watched some more T.V. then went to my local youth group, it started off going really well and we had a good laugh, Evie and I even spent an hour playing on just dance. It's safe to say between us we hold most of the high scores on it.  But then an incident happened and it just went down hill from there, I'm not going to bore you with the details. 
What we do when we are waiting for people to turn up, sat like this then we both went 'how you doing' in a really funny way when she walked in!

After we had finished at the youth group we then went to the pub for an hour, we had a good laugh and a chat then it was time to head home to bed. Which is where I am now along with my ever so warm and cuddly dog! 

Angel says it's time to go to sleep. She's even snoring. 

Until Next Time 
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