Lesson on Vettie 9/11/13

Yesterday I had a ride on Vettie. It went so much better than last week. I was still having major difficulties with my legs but I was able to move more with my seat and move up in to trot which felt amazing. He's got such a big trot that I find it really hard to stay still in my position but I know that slowly but surely I will get there and I'll be able to ride how I want to.

We carried on working on keeping my seat swinging and keeping Vettie forwards. The whole time I was also trying to get/keep Vettie in an outline, I struggled with this because my core muscles weren't really working and also because I struggle to keep my hands still (something I need to work on more). I also need to remember that the key to getting Vettie working well is lots of circles and serpentines basically things that keep his mind working. 

At the end of the lesson I came on to a circle and got some really nice work which proved to me that I Can ride him. I think what I need to remember is that just because I have a bad day doesn't mean that I can't ride. I also need to remember that Fiona's got faith in me and my riding abilities.  

Steph was teaching us and she also rode Vettie and was able to see how hard he is to ride at times which made me feel better. At the end of the lesson Fiona also rode I'm and showed us some of the things that he can do that are more complicated it was amazing to watch and also a great opportunity for me to take some photographs.

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P.s. photo's to follow. 


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