Own A Pony Day - 1st November 2013

This is just a quick post guys as today's been a long day. 

I had own a pony day today and we all had a really good time. I got to ride Vettie and I was getting much quicker at being able to adapt to him and also to move with him. We had some lovely trot work and I really enjoyed all the work that I did with him. I was able to trot for longer periods of time than I had been able to before and was really happy with what I got done. 

But before that we all picked a stable to muck out and if needed put new bedding in. I picked Gatsby he'd absolutely trashed his stable last night! So I had quite a bit of work todo at this point all the ponies/horses were out. Then little Rocky managed to escape from where he was supposed to be, so Fussy and him got bought in. During this time Hazel was winding up Gatsby and Rascal so they were chasing around the field. So after Elaine had bought Hazel in, I bought Gatsby in and Elaine got Rascal. The next group to bring in were Sam, Pumpkin and Dash. So I grabbed Sam and Elaine got the other two. Then it was time to ride. So Elaine fetched in the rest of the horses, they'd all got mischief in them thats for sure! 

After I'd rode it was time for Lunch, so we all had a chat. At some point during the day my hips come out of place but I'm not really sure when that happened. After Lunch I got to help with the other lessons and leading two of the girls that needed it. Although unfortunately I had to stop with Maddie because my hip was getting quite painful! Sorry Maddie! 

Then it was time to go home so we all chilled out chatting for the rest of the time. While it was a long day it was a good day although it did start to get quite wet/cold. This evening I went to McDonalds with Evie, then came home to watch Emmerdale before leaving to go to the pub with Spencer, Josh, Sam and Evie. We had a good laugh and I Really enjoyed it. 

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A Girl With A Dream 


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