Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true

Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true
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Ride on Vettie - 2nd November 2013

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Today I rode Vettie again it started off well in the fact that I was able to get him to stretch down but I knew from the start that it wasn't going to be the best ride and it wasn't. Yesterday my hip started hurting and today it proved to be a problem but a problem that could be fixed. For edges Vettie looked like a giraffe I just couldn't get him in to an outline and because of how my hip was I didn't do any trot work. Yep that's right I did an hour's lesson in walk. 

It got to the point where I was getting mad at myself and then because I was getting frustrated I started crying for no reason. So Fiona suggested that I rode as if I had no legs, meaning that I had to use my seat 100%. The minute I Started doing this an outline started appearing, I was amazed by how well I was able to get him moving by just using my seat. My hip hurt a lot after but it was worth it. I could do serpentines, circles and all those types of things without using my legs. I even managed to get him to do Travers. Fair enough it was by accident but I was able to do it. I then cooled him down and talked to Fiona about it, while I was beating myself up over it she told me not to because in the end I had got some really nice work and that was what mattered the most to me. 

After my lesson, we tacked up the horses that needed tacking up for the lessons. Then while one lesson was going on I got to give Gatsby some love and attention :'). I washed down his legs, gave him a brush over and of course gave him lots of cuddles! We then skipped out all the stables and it was time to go home. It got quite windy and cold. So before I left we all spent some time chatting in the tack room. 

Photo's to come tomorrow.

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