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not got much to report guys! I've got two weeks off riding now as the school has shut for christmas but that doesn't mean that I'm not going to be at my stables at some point over the holidays. On saturday I got to ride Vettie, he was the last ride of my year and we had a fairly good ride. 

I managed to get some really nice outline work out of him and we've become really consistent in the work that we do in the walk. I also attempted doing some leg yields, while they were no where near perfect I did get some leg crossing so I was really happy with that and the more I did it the easier it was to get Vettie to drop in to an outline. I also got a few nice bits in the trot with him. While my trot work still isn't very consistent it is slowly improving but I do need to work more on keeping my position still and holding my core muscles in place. 

Sunday we had my uncle over for the family meal, it was nice but at the same time weird because it was the first christmas thing that we've done this year and my nan wasn't here. On top of that my uncle has bipolar so he's not always the easiest person to have a conversation with. His mood swings are unpredictable and he talks about really random things that don't always make sense to me. 

Today I just spent the day chilling at Jack's, I've not been feeling 100% so I asked my mum to take me and to pick me up. We managed to get a few hours sleep around lunch time which was nice. As I felt completely shattered so the sleep was definitely needed. 

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