Gatsby - No Stirrup Work - 14th December 2013

On saturday I got to ride Gatsby again for the first time in a while. I was looking forward to it and knew that I wanted to do either some canter work or some jump work, however Fiona said no to jumping because of my shoulder. 

Because Gatsby had been rode before my lesson he was already warmed up when I got on him. We quickly decided that I was going to do some work without stirrups. As this is something that I haven't done in quite a while. I was looking forward to doing it and it felt great because I wasn't worrying about falling off I was just relaxed and got on with doing it. 

After we had spent a good 20/30 minutes we the moved on to doing some canter work. I was able to get some nice lively transitions in to the canter but I was struggling to maintain the canter this week. I am still however happy with the work that I got out of him. I got a video of some of our canter work and some photographs as well. When i was riding without stirrups I got some of the best outline work out of him that I've ever got, so I've also got some of this on pictures too! 

Gatsby and I, no stirrup work and getting an outline out of him. 

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  1. You are looking good!! I haven't been to your blog in far too long. I see that you have really improved. Keep at it :)


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