Ride on Vettie and Car accident Pictures

For my lesson this week I got to ride Vettie, I had the choice between him and Gatsby. I chose Vettie because he is a lot easier to ride and also because he wouldn't hurt my hips because he is not as wide as Gatsby.

Before I got on Vettie I explained what had happened and we decided that we were just going to take the lesson easy. We did a lot of walk work, working on getting him to an outline but I was having difficulty with my left shoulder so we put him on his bungees (not sure if i spelt that right). This was to help me get in the outline but I needed to remember that I needed to keep working not just let them do all of the work. 

When we moved up to doing the trot work I was struggling to keep my position still but Fiona said that was to be expected after the accident earlier in the week. I still got some nice trot work but it's not as nice as the work that I had got out of him the week before. We also worked on doing some shoulder in and leg yields and it was so easy to see how doing the lateral work was helping to get him working in to an outline. 

I did ride for the entire hour but I made sure that I spent longer cooling both Vettie and myself down at the end of the lesson. I am glad that I got back on and rode but at the same time I'm aching from doing it. 

Now here's some pictures from the accident.
This photo and the photo below were taken today (1st December 2013).. This one is on my chest and is quite painful but I don't know how i got this bruise 
This was taken on the 1st December 2013. This ones on  my stomach and is where the seat belt managed to snap in to place. 
This one was taken on Friday 28th of November and is the bruise that was on my chest.
The next two pictures are my stomach, these were taking the day after the crash (28th November)  

This was an x-ray taken on the 27th December (the day after I hit  a parch of black ice in my car. The hospital were not sure about the spacing at the joint but said it looks okay for me. They put me in a collar and cuff but ever since the second accident I can't wear it because it hurts my neck to wear it.

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  1. Gnarly! I'm glad you're okay though.

  2. Ouch!! I hope you aren't in too much pain and I hope your friend is okay.

  3. You are so lucky to have come out of that with just bruises! Glad to hear you are basically ok, though. Scary for sure!

  4. i know, i can't believe i've walked away just like that, they're still checking whether I've got a broken collar bone or not

  5. Glad you came away with only bruises. Also good on you for sticking with your riding.


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