Riding Vettie - 7th December 2013

hey guys sorry I've not posted in a while. 

Today I rode Vettie for my lesson. Alice was riding which meant that she rode Gatsby while I got to ride Vettie. I had a really good ride this week and think that it was probably the best that I have ever rode. Unfortunately when I got there I found out that my camera had died so there was no videos which I was gutted about. 

In the walk i was able to quickly and carefully get a nice outline out of Vettie, I did lots of lateral work with him all though none of it was particularly great but the more I did the easier it was to get him in to an outline. My main goal for this week was to be able to get more outline work in the trot and walk and be more consistent. 

After I was being more consistent in the walk I moved up to the trot. To start with it wasn't great because I wasn't being firm enough when asking him to drop in to an outline. I decided that I wanted to work on going in to an outline in the walk, asking for the trot and then trotting (while maintaining an outline). I got some really nice walk/trot transitions and felt like it was the best that I'd ever rode. Steph was teaching us and said that it was definitely the best that she had ever seen me ride. Fiona also said that it was the most relaxed that she had ever seen me when Riding Vettie. 

I did get some lovely trot work while he was in an outline and while it didn't last for that long it was still there so next I need to work on maintaining the outline. I've realised that circles and bending really help to loosen him up also that the more lateral work and the more he has to think about what I want him to do the better work I can get out of him. 

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  1. Sounds like a great lesson! I'm glad you're figuring Vettie out. :)


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