Riding Gatsby - 15th February 2014

Yesterday I had my weekly ride on Gatsby. The weather was horrible (really strong winds and chucking it down with rain) but I still enjoyed my ride. I was back riding Gatsby again which I always love doing. I wanted to work on getting him in an outline and was happy to say that I spent the majority of my lesson in an outline. 

I also worked on doing some leg yield and shoulder in work. I had the best lateral cross over that I have ever got out of any horse and Fiona even said that it was the best cross over in leg-yield that she had seen out of Gatsby in a long time. Which made me feel really happy and proud of what I was doing. It also showed to me that even in the worst weather I've ever rode in that I can still ride! I feel like I accomplished quite a bit and I can't wait to ride him again. We didn't do any trot work because I wanted to focus on getting nice transitions in to the leg yield and shoulder in and also managing to maintain them both. It was more important to me that I was able to maintain and outline in the work that I was doing. Which was what I was really happy about. I feel like I am managing to get where I want to in my riding and that every week my riding is getting stronger and stronger and that's what I really enjoy being able to do. 

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