261 - Pictures and a Quick update.

so here's some more photographs that you guys have missed out on of me and Gatsby. These are the most recent lesson photographs I have got and in this lesson we were focusing on the canter and keeping it up hill and bouncing. Gatsby was great, I can't say that my riding was perfect but we are getting there slowly but surely. 

Tonight was a pony club evening and we were doing the perfect paddock badge. Which I passed so I have now got another new badge to sew on to my pony club hoody which is great! I got everything right and then got half an hour of fussing and cuddling mr Gatsby. I love this horse to pieces! He lost another shoe on Sunday on his way to a dressage competition and it can't be put back on for another week and a half. Which will limit the amount of work that we do. However it is Own A Pony Day on Friday 9 until 2pm. Then Saturday is my weekly lesson and the day that I help out. On Wednesday Morning from 8 until 10 I am also helping out at the stables so I'm keeping nice and busy. 

On top of all of this I've also started learning Zumba. I told you guys that I was on a mission to get fit. Yesterday I bought a Zumba set that included the shakers and 5 different DVD's. For the past two days I have done an hour long Zumba using the step by step DVD. Tomorrow I move up to a new DVD that is more intense. I'm off to see Dean in hospital tomorrow as he has had a big operation so he isn't very well. So my mum and I are off to visit him. 

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  1. Oh no I hope Dean is okay! The pictures are great! Gatsby is so handsome. Do they keep him stalled during the day or does his coat just no bleach out? He is so black! Have fun with the Zumba. I've never tried it. If I tried to start out with an hour I'd probably pass out on the floor hehe. I'm so out of shape!

    1. I'm really out of shape! Need to get back in to shape to be honest, it's awful but I just haven't had the time to do it. Gatsby is out most of the day (except when he has lessons) and at the minute is still in at night time, he attracts flies really badly so he nearly always has a fly rug on out int he field :) I love how dark he is and when he's really shiny too!


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