Riding Gatsby - 3rd May 2014 - No Stirrup Work

Hiya guys, 

Saturday I got back on Gatsby. It was the first time that I had rode him since I fell off so even though it was Gatsby I was feeling nervous. Oh and to make matters worse Gatsby's owner Jenny was there and was watching, while I never mind her being there I was starting to feel really nervous that I had to ride Gatsby well to impress her. I know mad logic right? 

We decided that we were going to do some work without Stirrups as Fiona said that we wouldn't be doing any jumping and while I was kind of gutted I was also relieved to have some time away form that and focus on what I know I CAN do well. For ages you've all heard me say I wouldn't do canter without stirrups, well I've got over that mind block and now really enjoy cantering without stirrups all though the transitions down are bouncy as hell. It does really help me to improve my position and balance and work on me keeping myself where I need to be. I got some really nice outline work in the canter as well and while I felt at times like the canter was getting faster and carried away I was able to stay with him and I didn't fall off! So what more can I ask for, right? The canter work went really well and we were able to do circles as well as laps of the school. I am really happy with how much my riding is improving. 

Tomorrow I will put loads of pictures up from my riding over the past few months. You will see them all but rather than put them all up in one post I'm going to spread them out over lots of posts. 


  1. Congrats on cantering with out stirrups! Way to go!

  2. Good job on cantering without stirrups! It'll be a while until I can do no stirrup work.

  3. Thank you guys! never thought I'd be able to do it but I love it xx

  4. No stirrups is awesome! Good job! I am forever grateful for the many, many hours I spent riding bareback when I was a kid. It is great for so many things. Those downward transitions can be rough though hehe. I'm looking forward to the pictures!

    1. his downward transitions are horrible because he has such a big bouncy trot trying to sit to them is horrid. But slowly my balance is getting better!


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