236 - Catch up post

So this time last week I was lying in bed in a hotel looking forward to seeing Jack, I was super excited and couldn't wait to see him. Then I saw him on both Saturday and Sunday which was really nice, I just loved it. We got to chat about all sorts and I got lots of cuddles and kisses which made me smile, and got to hear him say that he loved me again. It seemed like ages since I had heard that. We had a giggle and just talked about everything that was going on. It was amazing but it just sees like forever until I'm going to see him again. I miss him like mad and it still doesn't feel like normal him not being here but I suppose it never will. Leaving on Sunday was hard neither of us really wanted to go or say good bye so it wasn't the easiest thing that I have ever had to do. But we managed it and in the end I think that this will make us a lot stronger but only time will tell. I haven't heard from him since I've seen him so I'm hoping that he's doing okay. 

This week I've spent lots of time out with Rachel, Lisa and Kenny, yesterday and today we watched some horror films and ate lots of popcorn, cake and chocolate. We also went to Toby Carvery which was really nice and I really enjoyed it. The days before that we spent at Rachels and we had a giggle in the sun, in the kids pool and I've managed to catch quite a good tan. 

Tomorrow I get to ride Gatsby and I can't wait, it's going to be a really good day and I'm' looking forward to it! 

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  1. I'm glad you had a good visit and that things are going well!!!

    1. thank you so much! It wasn't easy to leave but I did love every minute of it :D


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