246 - Deadlines and Supposed Friends

Well I could rant more about Evie and what she's continuing to do but to be honest I am done with that! I'm over it she want's to act like a child that's her choice but I am not going to sink down to her level. Instead I'm going to enjoy the time that I have got and get on with my life.  I will fill you guys in on what happens. Evie decided for some reason to ring the police about how she felt on friday night. So yesterday they came out to talk to me and said they didn't see why they had been involved as there was obviously no reason for them to be called out! I don't know what games she's trying to play but I am having no part in this! 

Today I've spent with my mum, helping her do some jobs. I also got an application form for a part time job to keep myself a little bit busier and get some extra pennies! I've also decided it's time for a shoe clean out! Everyone that knows me knows that I LOVE shoes, but half of them I don't even wear anymore and I have found a shop that will buy your old shoes off you, so tomorrow I'm taking them to see how much I can get for some of my old shoes. Then I plan on finishing my uni work and handing it in so it's handed in early this time! 

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  1. I'm getting a part time job too! I have too much time on my hands and would really love the extra spending money. :)

    1. Having that extra money is always nice! I've got too much time at the minute and it's driving me mad cause i'm spending too long sleeping.

    2. Yep I'm spending all my spare time worrying LOL! We need to keep busy. :)


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