247 - Competition

Hiya Guys, 

So today I didn't do much up until pony club (other than get myself some new water proof trousers). Then at Pony Club we got told because of all the bad weather (thunder and lightening) that riding was definitely off the cards. So we got told at the last minute that we would be doing a competition, grooming and turn out. I got to work with Betsy and we worked on getting Vettie ready which was really nice. We plaited his mane and tail. Brushed him all over, added hoof oil and came out with a lovely looking shining horse! (Pictures to follow). Then it was time for the judging, done by Fiona and Elaine. We had to wait to find out who had one and while we were waiting we mucked out the horse that we had done, made sure it had food and water and that it had got it's rugs in. When we got the results I was pleasantly surprised to find out that we had got 4th place!!! So I got a new rosette to put on my wall. 

Then I had an eventful evening but I am saving that one for a post of it's own! It needs one! Pictures to come tomorrow. 

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