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Sorry guys it's safe to say that I have been slacking for the past few days. Things have just been really busy so I will start with Last monday and go through til today (Tuesday). Last Monday was pony club evening. It was also a badge evening. Which was really exciting as we haven't done a badge in a while. This time it was the perfect paddock badge that we had to do.We had to be able to set a 'paddock' up in the school using poles to show where the fences would be. Jumping blocks represented the shelter, hay net obviously was hey and the water bucket was water. We also had to answer questions saying what shouldn't be in the field, what should be, if there's three horses in the field how many piles of hay should there be. Then we had to do the more obvious question which was list a load of poisonous plants. 

Tuesday I spent the day with George. We didn't do much. I had tried to go with my mum to visit Dean and Sue in hospital but when we tried to go there was literally no where to park in any of the hospital car parks so we couldn't stop and say hello which was really frustrating. After that George had got a letter in the post off Jack and he wanted me to go and see him so that I could read it. He seemed alright in that letter he was on the induction wing and that wasn't too bad. 

Wednesday came and I got another letter off Jack. I was at my stables in the morning, I was helping Fiona muck out the stables while Elaine and her dad worked on the new stables at the back of the yard. They look really good (I will get pictures) and Rocky and Pumpkin love them. Jack seemed okay when he wrote to me. He said he didn't like it there and just wants to come home. No one on the wing is friendly so he's keeping himself to himself.

Thursday was a more quiet day. I can't actually remember what I did. It might have been one of the days that I stayed in at home or it could have been one of the evenings that I went out to see Kenny and George to be honest I am not really sure. 

Friday came and it was the own a pony day.  Of course I got to do Gatsby's stable. hehe I love this horse. Then I also had to do Fussy's stable, she has shavings in where as Gatsby has pellets. I prefer Gatsby's bedding to be honest with you all! We swept the yard and made sure ALL the hay nets were full and ready for the next day. Gatsby even has a new hay bar in the back of his stable, which he likes and it makes him stretch more so that's funny to watch. We then split in to riding, we worked in two different groups and it is safe to say it's the best that I have rode in a while. Gatsby dropped in to an outline instantly and we had a really good ride. Then it was time to wash him down, but him in his stable and time to go home. The day went really quickly. Friday evening I chilled with George and Kennys. I was supposed to be stopping at Kenny's house for the night but it got to 1am and I just didn't feel well, I couldn't get comfy and I couldn't sleep I just wanted my own bed back! 

Saturday I rode Gatsby like I do every week. It was the week that Alice was here but we did work on doing some jumping. We didn't do any big jumps because we were mainly working on looking at my position going over the jumps. This was the first time that I had jumped since I fell off Gatsby jumping so I think that I was a little more nervous than I had initially realised. But once I got back in to the swing off things I was alright. I also got a letter off Jack today he's not doing well. He hates where he is, he's missing home and he's got no chance of coming home early on tag :(. But in a way that's good. Oh have I told you guys I'm going to see him for the first time since this happened on the 14th. I am super excited!!! Brody also came with me to my riding lesson as soon as he saw Gatsby he was saying 'horse' and then trying to say Gatsby. He was really cheerful and happy so that was nice. My uncle also came to see me ride Gatsby and he showed Brody all the horses that were in the stables except for little Rocky as his stables more hidden away. He liked being able to say hi to the horses, not long and he'll be wanting to ride. 

Sunday was a day that I just chilled out with George. Monday I chilled with George, Kenny and Lisa and then I went to Pony Club in the evening. We are doing our training for the mini road riding Badge that we will be doing in I think 3 weeks! So if I pass that I will then have 7 badges. It's mad to think that we will have been doing pony club for over a year now. It honestly doesn't feel like it has been that long. I've learnt so much and loved every minute of it. Then I went home and had an early night. 

Today's Tuesday. I've not really done a lot, I helped give Jacks dad a lift to work and then when I got back the post had come. Jack had wrote to me again, it was 6 sides long, I was surprised to see that it was that long but it was really nice. He's feeling down at the minute. He's got a new pad mate who seems okay but he goes in 30 days so then he'll be back on his own. He says he feels like a loner because on the yard, the gym and on the wing he spends his time alone. So he's hoping that he will find a few mates to get along with to make the time go faster. He's also started education so he's keeping busy. He says he's looking forward to seeing me to. 

Anyway I know this post is getting really long so that's it for today. Expect pictures tomorrow and other fun stuff! 

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  1. I'm glad he's started education! Staying busy will definitely help. I couldn't even imagine being stuck in an unfamiliar place with no friends so I can definitely understand how down he must be feeling. How long does he have? I've forgotten.

    I wish I could have done pony club. It sounds like it would have been so much fun!

    1. He's got just over 7 and a half months left, it's gone pretty quickly at the minute to be honest but it still sucks :(. but it's this saturday that I get to go and see him. :D

      I love pony club it's a great way to just chill out and meet new people. I really enjoy it.


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