seeing jack tomorrow

well there's no updates on the riding front as I haven't been at my stables since Monday evening but tomorrow I get to see jack and I am buzzing! While it means that I am going to miss my weekly horse  riding lesson I get to see my man and I can't wait for that. 

I also thought I'd update you on the fact that I am officially a cripple again for the next two weeks at least I had to go back to A&E last night because my hand was KILLING me! They took it out of a splint and straight away put it in a plaster cast, it'll be in this for the next two weeks and then they will tell me what's going to happen. It'll be re xrayed then they'll either put it in another cast, splint it again or just leave it back to normal but it all depends on what the X-ray tells them when I have it. At the minute I don't know what this means on the horse riding front or what I'll be able to do all I do know is that it's incredibly painful still and I'll be glad when it heals! 

Anyway guys I leave at 5am in the morning and am getting up at 4.30 so I'm going to head to bed, I'll keep you all updated over the weekend. 

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  1. I hope the visit went well!!! Sorry about your hand... :( I hope it heals quickly and doesn't have to stay in a cast.

    1. thank you it's much better now, they gave me an injection and this improved it :D


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